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Nature Pods


Nature Pods Soap Berries are an organic and chemical-free alternative to laundry detergent and other cleaning solutions. Derived from an Indian plant called the Sapindus Mukorossi, these berries are often referred to as soapnuts due to the natural cleansing properties they contain. The berries are dried and deseeded and come in 500-gram packs. Use them as a laundry detergent, a natural fabric softener or liquidate the berries into a concentrate for a variety of other uses. Repurpose them to help your cleaning needs by creating a dishwashing soap, a carwash soap, an all purpose, all-surface cleaner, or even a shampoo. Use 4-5 nature pods in a wash bag per wash, and they can be used up to 5 times before they need to be replaced.

Product Details

  • Materials 

    Sapindus Mukorossi

  • Measurements 

    500 Grams

  • OriginIndia

— Hypoallergenic: great for those with sensitive skin
— Compostable & eco-friendly
— Reusable up to 5 times
— Can be used as is or made into concentrate
— Contain saponin: a natural, low-sudsing Detergent
— Not actual nut: safe for those with nut allergies to use
— USDA Certified Organic

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