Flying Dutchman | Levitating Cup

Flying Dutchman | Levitating Cup


The luxuriously elegant Flying Dutchman is equal parts sculpture, machinery, and functional drink ware. Featuring a single drinking glass (don't worry, it's imitation glass that won't break if it falls) and a sleek and simple wooden base, it's an electromagnetic suspension system that lets the glass hover just above the base all on its own, and keep your spirits lifted - so to speak.

Just plug it in, hold the cup above the base, and watch as it moves and locks into place, then release it, and it floats weightlessly in mid-air. Pour in your favorite drink while it's hovering - hands free - and marvel in the magic.

Product Details

  • Colors: Clear, Wooden
  • Materials: Wooden Base, ABS Cup

— Warranty: 1 year
— Shatterproof Faux Glass Cocktail Cup
— Wooden Electromagnetic Base
— Use For Cocktails, Wine, Whiskey Etc. 
— Cup: 4"H X 2.5"D, Volume: 12oz
— Base: 2"H X 5"D
— Power Source: AC Adapter

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